Friday, January 24, 2014

2014-2015 Life List

Life Lists: They're like bucket lists, but less morbid and more doable, because you give it a specific time-frame. Scribbled with my sisters while drinking tea a week ago, this year's is pretty exciting.

  • go to Africa
  • have red West African dirt caked to my feet again
  • travel internationally, on my lonesome (the international part comes in 2 hours. WHAT)
  • speak only French for a full day
  • go to an African dance party
  • find an African church to go to
  • make dinner with my host mom(s)
  • buy something in a Cameroonian marketplace on my own, without a translator 
  • take a taxi for the first time (location optional: Africa, Paris, USA) 
  • ...swim in the Mediterranean 
  • order Cafe au a cafe in Paris
  • also, eat baguettes and pain au chocolat in Paris
  • did I mention, see Paris? 
  • buy a scarf of a summer dress..something so I can say casually "oh yeah, I got it in Paris" 
  • play soccer with African kiddos every chance I get
  • learn to take good photos...aka at least one I am very proud/vain of, because good is subjective and I have too many photographer friends
  • make fabulous French press coffee, without having to call for Mom's help
  • have a real grown-up internship
  • perks if it's anti-trafficking 
  • buy a silver (African) ring that fits my lonely, too fat for all my rings, pointer finger
  •  dance at midnight to 22 as I turn 22
  • throw a 12 dancing princesses evening party, and dance in flow-y dresses with a bonfire and flowers in my hair
  • have a townhouse (hopefully) with a KITCHEN 
  • bake challah and make all my friends delightfully and happily fat, but mostly me
  • dance rave in my kitchen all the time
  • focus on joy senior year...and people 

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