Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Assholes outside my window at 2:30 am, on a Wednesday Night

I am so sick of being so angry that I want to storm through Hennepin and out the front doors to write all your rude, obscene, drunk asses up, but knowing that I physically can't because that is dangerous. I am a woman and there are 6 of you, and it wouldn't be fair to wake up another guy RA just because I am pissed off. But yes, for your information (and I mean you specifically, tool in the yellow shirt and green hat, friend of the pimply green eyed guy with a dark ponytail who borrowed my clipboard when he was getting signatures to run for Student something or other-yeah, we know how to elect em, Siena) I was the one who called public safety on you, and who watched in disgust as he issued a warning and left-and I did call Public Safety back to clarify that you shouted "Fuck you" to a resident's window at least 5 times in a row. When the Public Safety officer came back awhile later with back up, I felt better. I wasn't the only one who didn't want to take you on alone. But I am still so sick of the fact that losers like you have the power to make me scared.
I am so sick of the fact that when it's 2:30 in the morning, and your screamed obscenities wake me up, that it takes me awhile to come to enough to call Public Safety. I am so sick of the fact that I never once yelled at you from my window to shut up-because if, by some miracle, the girls in the rooms around me haven't been woken up by you, they would be by me. I have a pair of lungs and once, just once, I'd like to let you hear it.
I am so sick of doing the right "active bystander" thing and just calling Public Safety, "delegating" responsibility and muttering the 3 D's. (Distract, delegate, and another I'd remember if it weren't 2:30am).
I am still so angry, with leftover stale, thwarted anger from months ago, that you, or someone like you, shouted at a girl's window "Shaved or not, I want your pussy." And I called public safety to say there were drunk yelling guys outside my dorm, when what I should have said was I just witnessed an incident of sexual harassment.
Because that it what it is.
And I wish I had clarified for Public Safety that you shouting "Fuck you" at repeated intervals while your drunk buddies giggles was also sexual aggressive and harassing language, and that I, and my residents, have a legal right under New York State law to an education environment free from harassing language such as that.
But it's 2:30 in the morning, and I think of these things later, lying here knowing I can't confront this alone.
So this is me, hollering back and praying there are enough sleepy, pissed off people out there that I don't have to confront this alone. Let's start calling it like it is Siena. Enough is enough.