Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why I am glad I am not Megan Fox

(Spring 2011)

Why I am glad I am not Megan Fox-

If life were a cocktail party
you'd never notice me.
Uneasy in high heals,
little black dress too little for me
I am space between
leggy blond in blue, buxom brunette.
Narrow hips and broad shoulders;
a triangle turned up.
Nose- "regal" my mother calls it,
"large" I say.
My cleavage could be eye catching if I chose-
but I never will.
If that's why you want me
I could never want you.
But I don't mind
that it would take
the accidental introductions of life, 
slow unveiling of me
for you to decide
my sudden braying bursts of laughter
inexplicable attraction to books
incurable nerdiness 
are endearing. 
My inability to walk in a straight line 
is irresistible, 
you want to stroll through life with me 
zigzagging beside you
chasing you off the pavement. 

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