Monday, February 21, 2011


I decided to start a blog because I always seem to be bursting with ideas and stories about life, and specifically what God is doing in my life. I get very excited and want to shout it to the world, but facebook doesn't seem like the right medium. And I'm not talented enough to write a book, so hey presto! A blog is perfect.
God, family, Africa and life will be the most common topics. Books might come up just a little too. Here goes.

P.S. Aunt Krista always referred to Mali, West Africa as "the land of sandals" and thus the title. I always planned on starting a blog when I move to Mali, and calling it "in the land of sandals" but I'm not technically in it yet, just on my way.  

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  1. I understand the shout it to the world, but never say never on the book. I remember going to a writer's conference, browsing hundreds of books for sale, clearly thinking as I passed by the books on "How to Write a Book" and "Writing Poetry" that these are two books I'll never need. Within a year, I had written a book of poetry! Go figure!
    You are a very talented young woman and I believe with all my heart, God is going to use your writing to have a tremendous impact on the world.
    I have never even looked at a blog, but when I saw you had one, I wanted to be there. I especially love the way you intertwine humor with the sublime. You are on the cutting edge and an inspiration to me.
    Bless you,